Live Video Steaming in Rochester NY
Live video streaming is growing at an exponential rate—expecting to reach $70 billion by 2021. A still evolving medium, it is rife with opportunities to capture the attention of users and engage them in ways we haven’t seen before. Recently acquired by Amazon, has become a key player with nearly 10 million daily active users watching an average of 106 minutes of content every single day.

Upon identifying the opportunity in this emerging market, we launched Quest House, a livestream production company and Twitch channel, with a focus on event streaming and live original production. Our live programs offer interesting content, on an engaging platform, in a range of genres, including fitness; card, board and video games; travel and more.

See it live.
With the success of our Warrior Factory franchise, and our involvement in the ninja community, “Ninja Night” has become a regular program, featuring live video streaming of both competitive and non-competitive ninja events. “Fitness with Mr. Chris” offers midday workouts at the Warrior Factory.

“Earl Grey and Real Estate” is a morning program with Bernard Birnbaum where he shares his knowledge of commercial real estate. When asked about the program, Bernard cites it as a way for him to give back by educating and mentoring a community of future real estate professionals.

One of our most promising programs, “Filthy Casual”, engages the large and passionate Magic the Gathering community. With insights on deck building, reviews of new expansion packs, and the interactive nature of live streaming, this program is for those filthy casuals who want to bring their gameplay to the next level.

Live Video Streaming for Your Event
Quest House also specializes in live video production for events of all shapes and sizes. With its capacity to engage and excite—bolstered by statistics that suggest 67% of live video viewers are more likely to attend an event after watching a live stream of the event— live video streaming provides event organizers a unique opportunity to increase their reach and their revenue.

Tune in to see what’s airing today. Click the link below to see—literally—what’s new. We think live programming on demand is going to be some of what we’re all watching in the years to come.

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